Nov. 6th, 2012 10:32 pm
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YES!!! That's all that needs to be said! I'm gonna get drunk and go to bed with my heart a lot lighter. Good night all <3
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This is one of the biggest reasons I hate Facebook, it's full of fucking idiots!! Seriously, especially the women today.  You have been given a gift to live in this country and women have fought so hard to have rights in what happens here, but yet all I keep seeing are people posting that they're not voting.

Why are you not going to vote? Do people not understand how much of an impact it has on your own future, who will be president? Especially since I have a daughter and I will be damned if Romney becomes leader of this country. I'm honestly appalled by how many women I know that are voting for that dickface.

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Oh my gosh... I can't breathe...

I desperately want to go to this!!


Has anyone seen this yet??
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The hubby just showed this to me and I thought it was awesome and hoped others would enjoy it as well. I don't know if you're all obsessed with this song as everyone where I live is, but we're going through this phase right now...

Video 1 )

Video 2 )

Video 3 )
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Fuck. I'm reading over one of my stories and I now realize that I don't like it being in first person and want to switch all 3,000plus words over into third person. FML.
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Today has definitely been a weird and strange day...

First of all, I am so glad to hear that everyone I know and talk to are all okay from the destruction that is becoming Sandy. I vividly remember Hurricane Andrew when I use to live on the coast (even though I was only 3 years old) and I know what a terrible thing hurricanes can be. I'm happy to know you are all okay!

Second, I got a terrible call today. My husband's ex-boss that he was close to was found dead at his place yesterday. He had no family here as they were all in Nebraska or North Carolina. They are supposed to be doing an autopsy soon and I am hoping that the company they work for will at least do a memorial for him. RIP Mike.

Third... I had a patient come in on Friday that without instruction to do so, got completely butt naked in the room and sat down in the chair!! Not the exam table, but the freaking chair. GROSS. Then later, he told the doctor as he was inspecting him that sometimes he can't really control his bowels... MORE GROSS. Well he came back in today and as I was cleaning his wound and bandaging him up, he was drooling at the exam table.

Weird day.

However, I am about 80% complete done with my story for the [livejournal.com profile] dramione_remix and about 50-60% done with my story for [livejournal.com profile] mini_fest. I have other stories I am working on, but those are my priorities!
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I am on my lunch break from work, and I have decided to come sit at Barnes & Noble, drink a wonderful coffee, and work on my stories. This is the best break ever and I think I might come here everyday during lunch, work on a little bit of homework and write away on my fanfiction.

This is good to calm my mind down before I have to go assist in surgery today, which I do every other Wednesday afternoon.

Good day so far!
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I stole this awesome thing from [livejournal.com profile] icicle33 which is awesome by the way. These are some fun pictures from andthatswhoiam on tumblr. I found WWAAYY too many, so I'll post a my long version of a short version and then I'll post a link to my photobucket album with all of the ones I picked... Are you ready?

the short version )

photobucket album
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I originally thought that this week would go by decently well. Despite having to work 40 hours this week, some homework to get done at school, and taking care of two brats... I knew I would be able to get lots of writing in. So far, I have done just that: written a lot.

However, it sucks because this is the first night that I am without my hubby since the first month of us living together before being married. I had gone out of town once for a friend of the family's wedding and unfortunately he had been unable to go.

This time, he's gone to Las Vegas until Friday night!!

It's weird, because as much as he gets on my nerves, I still love him to death and knowing that I will be sleeping in my bed all alone until morning, just blows!

Le sigh.

However, it's good because this trip is for his school and once he comes back, he will have officially finished school and have gotten his degree. I'm so proud :D
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This person has some incredibly amazing photos that I really admire. First, go check out this great series of shots, Get Back in Your Book. Then look at all the other pictures!


Oct. 4th, 2012 10:08 am
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I just caught a whiff of something floating in the wind... There was a fanfiction written called Fifty Shades of Malfoy that was Draco/Hermione... REALLY?! This would be amazing to read. However, digging more into it, the author had taken 50 Shades of Grey word for word and just changed names around. Sad, but I would LOVE to read that type of story! :D
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Yesterday, my mother called me freaking out because there was a snake in her basement in a rat trap. I could barely understand her, so I went over there with my husband to "take care of it", in other words, dispose of it because I had assumed it was dead. Nope. It was actually stuck on those sticky traps for bugs and mice... It was still ALIVE!

Hubby and me felt terribly bad for the poor thing, took it to the animal hospital, and poor snakey became free! Thank goodness that nothing was wrong with it and us poor saps decided on keeping him.

So now I am the new owner of a pet corn snake!

Does this make me a Slytherin?

I told hubby that this could possibly give me an opportunity to learn how to speak Parseltongue. I figured he would just roll eyes in an extravagant fashion, but instead he laughed and said that if anyone could find an English to Parseltongue dictionary, it would be me. And if not, I should just create one.


... a Parseltongue speaking, dictionary writing, Slytherin in love with Draco.


By the way, the snake's name is Stickers, thanks to my Lightening McQueen obsessed son.
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I honestly cannot believe that it has been over eight months since I was last here on LJ. I haven't even read a single piece of fanfiction in this entire time either. I know that everyone has hard times happen in their life, and of course I'm no exception, but damn... It feels like my life has been used a cutting board. I'm hoping to get back into this, even it is just slowly and there is some wishful thinking that I won't be shunned away!
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Inspired by this image from this website.
I found it in google, but I'm trying to give credit!
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So a little while ago--very short time--I signed up for the Auror Fest. I have been writing a lot of that story the past few days. Last night I kept thinking about that trailer (found here) last night and even watched it a few times. I actually had an incredible dream about this!!! If only... that show would be kick ass and completely overthrow Once Upon a Time (my current favorite).

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So something really bothered me tonight... I went out to eat with a bunch of old friends from high school (we do this about every six months). My current cellphone ringer is the ORIGINAL Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter. Someone from another table (none of my friend's thank goodness, or I would have seriously slapped them) turns around and asked--in all SERIOUSNESS--if that was a new Christmas song he'd never heard.


No it's from Harry Potter you dumbass!

This really shouldn't bother me, but it does.

Damn me and my obsession for all things Harry Potter and thinking everyone should know everything!



Dec. 12th, 2007 09:48 am
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I'm currently accepting applications for friends! Anyone want to be my friend? I'm a nice person, really I am. I just can't talk to my offline friends about Harry Potter and fan fiction and stuff like that.

I feel lonely in this online world.


Dec. 7th, 2007 09:16 pm
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I know that it's not the best excuse in the world... but since my surgery, photoshop had decided to be a dick to me and completely malfunction. Just today, I have fixed it so maybe I can finally get to work on some icons and graphics of the like. My muse for writing has also seemed to have vanished. I did happen to update Unwritten Words over at fanfiction.net, but since then I've had nothing come out other than a few random sentences.

Starting Thursday the thirteenth, I'll be able to start eating food again, so maybe once I regain energy my creative juices will start flowing.

Although, I have been reading the entries over at the [info]dmhgficexchange community. Some of the stories are completely amazing and I can't wait until the authors are revealed!
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