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My new favorite show this season is Revenge, and now I have finally gotten around to making some icons for the show. Seriously, if you haven't seen it, go watch it!

001 - 012 Revenge: Episode 1 - Pilot

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After watching The Secret Circle last night, I wanted to make just a few more icons... There are only 5, but I only wanted to make enough to get Dawn and Charles out of my mind... [livejournal.com profile] icicle33, hope these are some nice, yummy, villain icons!

001 - 005 Dawn Chamberlain & Charles Meade

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I've been fooling around in Photoshop again lately and this is the result! I've managed to make just a few icons from The Secret Circle.

001 - 006 The Secret Circle

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Yay. My first tutorial. I was just messing around with a bunch of stuff and layer options in Photoshop and came up with something good! Following later today I might make an icon post since I haven't in a while.

Turn this

into this

Uses Color Balance and Selective Coloring for PS CS2.

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I had some extra time on my hands today and since I've been obsessed with making icons lately, I whipped up a batch throughout the day.

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001 - 014 House 4.04
015 - 029 Order of the Phoenix


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Dec. 11th, 2007 03:25 pm
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Since it's been hard for me to get out of the house and I've fixed photoshop, I've made a few icons.

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001 - 011 Goblet of Fire
012 - 046 Heroes


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I'm Back

Oct. 29th, 2007 09:19 pm
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I'm finally settled in here in Brasil and I've finally had the internet hooked up. But while I was waiting, and in between trips to farms and doctor's appointments, I was making icons!

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001 Daniel Radcliffe
002 - 004 Goblet of Fire
005 - 022 Order of the Phoenix


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Please comment if you take anything!

001 - 005 General Harry Potter
006 - 010 Daniel Radcliffe
011 - 020 Emma Watson


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My first batch of icons!

001 - 007 Heroes
008 - 012 Emma Watson
013 Miley Cyrus


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I haven't done graphics/icons in a really long time, so today I've been experimenting and I've decided to get back into it once again. I've never shared my stuff on livejournal before, so please be patient and I'd appreciate help along the way.

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